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The Case for Diversity and Inclusivity

Instructor: Ali Rockroth

In this webinar, Ali Rothrock, CEO of On the Job and Off, will first review the difference between equity and equality and explain why inclusion must be addressed before diversity. She will then discuss the existing culture for women in the fire service and the mental health challenges associated with hostile work environments. Lastly, Ali will cover the benefits of a diverse work or volunteer force and the value that is added to your mission when you have a variety of people ready to serve your community.​

Ali Rothrock

Ali Rothrock is a speaker, author, educator and advocate who has delivered over 500 presentations nationwide. Ali has been in the volunteer fire service since 2005, enjoying more than a decade as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Ali is the CEO & Lead Instructor for On the Job and Off, an online platform dedicated to building more resilient first responders.