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The Art of Reading Smoke has established itself as one of the fire service's most popular and necessary courses for all ranks and experience levels. The ability to rapidly recognize the fire's location, progression, and future is imperative to every fireground decision maker. One of the most misunderstood attributes is that of "Color." The notion that the color of smoke tells you what is burning is just plain false. It's not true now, and it never has been true. Spend an hour with your brothers and sisters for a virtual session on all things "color." What does it mean? How does the color indicate the fire's location and progression? We will rely on actual fireground footage to aid uss in the quest to understand what actually IS happening inside a burning building - no more guessing!

Rob Backer is a 17-year veteran of the fire service and currently serves as a Captain with Thornton Fire Department in Thornton, Colorado. As the owner and lead instructor of First Due Intelligence, llc, he has taught with Dave Dodson to assume responsibility for continuing the instruction of his popular program "The Art of Reading Smoke" nationwide, in addition to classes on size-up.