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Course Description

This Hazardous Materials operations level course was developed to assist the first due company in ensuring a safe and effective response to hazardous materials/WMD incidents.

Following our 7 tactical priorities known as C-H-E-M-P-H-D©, the first arriving responder will be able to effectively and safely size-up any hazardous materials/WMD Incident with consistency and confidence.

Each response protocol is designed to be adaptable around your level of training and does not require specialized PPE, monitors, or meters. Decisions are made based on information gathered through simple research, meters and monitors (if available as part of your response), and observations.

What sets this response program apart is it is designed to promote consistency across the response spectrum allowing each responder to take appropriate actions (rescue, decontamination, and mitigation) during a Hazardous Materials/WMD incident.

David Ladd

David Ladd has been involved in Fire Service/Hazardous Materials instruction for the past 17 years. He has worked as an author, lead instructor, course developer, and subject matter expert in chemistry & toxicology for the National Fire Academy, ATEC, College of Southern Nevada, and Hazmat IQ© by federal resources. He has co authored curriculum for the National Fire Academies R247 ALS Response to Hazardous Materials Incident, and was the lead developer and instructor of Hazmat IQ’s Tox-Medic © program.

David has also authored response protocols to various CBRNE, Hazardous Materials/WMD incidents and tox-medic programs. He has both instructed and lectured to LE and Fire/EMS departments and has lectured at various conferences across the United States.

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