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Dealing with disciplinary problems is one of the toughest issues a company officer will face. We are programmed to be get along and function like family – so knowing how to correct bad behavior does not always come naturally. In this class we will discuss the meaning of discipline and how culture impacts our ability to discipline. We will discuss the difference between Property and Non-Property Right Discipline, as well as laws and rules affecting how we impart discipline; to include an employee’s constitutional right to due process. We will provide real-world examples and explain best practices when it comes to writing-up an employee and follow this with situational exercises.

Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is Fire Chief of the Weber Fire District. He has 40 years of combined Fire and EMS experience, including 21 years with the Chandler, Arizona Fire Department, where he retired at the rank of Battalion Chief.  He has been a certified emergency paramedic for 38 years, currently holding certifications in Utah and Arizona. Paul has been a fire service instructor for 28 years, teaching command, WMD, truck company operations, leadership, and other topics. Paul has an Associates in Fire Science, a Bachelors in Public Safety Administration, and a Masters of Administration from Northern Arizona University.