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This presentation will discuss the new NFPA Flammable Refrigerants Fire Fighter Training Material Development Workshop that was held in September, 2018. The multi-billion dollar refrigeration industry is starting to move toward new types of refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly fluids, but they are also much more flammable than current types of refrigerants. This shift has already occurred in other countries, and will soon occur in the United States as well. As new refrigerants with higher flammability are phased in, there will be new hazards which the Fire Service and emergency responders will need to be aware of to make adjustments in firefighting tactics. This session will discuss this new information and the efforts that are underway to provide updated training for the Fire Service, including relevant codes and standards, hazard identification, emergency response tactics, and post-incident considerations.

Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan is the Southwest Regional Director for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Mr. Sullivan has over 31 years of experience serving on fire departments in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Colorado, including several years at the rank of Lieutenant. Prior to coming to NFPA, he served on the Thornton Fire Department in Colorado as the Senior Fire Protection Engineer and Deputy Fire Marshal, focusing on new development construction and fire code enforcement. Previously, Mr. Sullivan worked for National Foam Inc./Kidde Firefighting USA and Industrial Risk Insurers. He has a Master's Degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.