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Course Description

Mindfulness and yoga are gaining traction with firefighters because they provide essential strategies to thrive during a crisis. FireFlex Yoga has been designed specifically for firefighters to increase functional fitness and facilitate routines that promote rest and recovery - a key component of resiliency. All FireFlex classes include mindfulness practices to promote situational awareness, insight and a flexible mindset - a hallmark of leadership under fire. Join Shannon McQuaide M.A., founder of FireFlex Yoga, to discover how incorporating simple mind-body practices into firefighter’s training schedules, can reduce injuries and increase behavioral health.

This session will be a 60 minute session. Participants will be encouraged to wear workout clothes or dress in loose comfortable clothing.

Session Objectives: Participants will

• Understand the science of neuroplasticity, and how practicing mindfulness is like a bicep curl for your brain.

• Learn the role of yoga and mindfulness to improve resiliency factors such heart-ratevariability, emotional regulation and restful sleep.

• Learn five foundational mindfulness practices to decrease stress and lead with presence

• Participate in a low impact, low risk yoga routine designed to stretch tight muscles in the hips and shoulders and improve purposeful movement

Shannon McQuaide

Shannon McQuaide, FireFlex Yoga founder and director, grew up in a fire family. Shannon is a successful entrepreneur, educator, functional and resiliency expert with 20+ years’ experience creating empowering instructional programs for corporations, public schools, community groups and first responders.

She is an inspiring thought leader and advocates for using science-based yoga techniques to deescalate stress and support peak performance in high-risk environments. She brings her deep understanding of the physical and emotional toll on fire and their families to her work with FireFlex Yoga.

Shannon has written articles for the California State Firefighters’ Association, Fire Rescue Magazine, the Scotts Valley Press Banner, and she currently writes a monthly column for Fire Engineering's On-line Magazine. She is a certified functional movement trainer and has a master of arts in leadership and psychology.