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Chemical suicides present challenges for first responders, especially if they have never encountered them or are not familiar with the process. Many times, the victim warns emergency responders, however, many times they do not!  This session introduces the chemical-assisted suicides process, describes real-life examples, and provides tips on how first responders can rapidly recognize a potential chemical suicide event. Includes guidance for responding to these events in ways that protect responders and members of the public.

Jeffrey Zientek

Jeff Zientek is a retired Fire Captain who served 33 years with the Phoenix Fire Department. Jeff title was On-Duty Safety Officer, and he responded to all hazardous materials incidents, technical rescue incidents, and all greater alarm fires, not only in Phoenix, but the surrounding 27 other fire departments in the Phoenix automatic aid system, covering approximately 2000 square miles.  Jeff is a certified Technical Rescue Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, and Helicopter Rescue Crew Chief and when not responding and working special operations incidents his responsibilities included; evaluation, purchasing, and inventory of all the hazardous materials equipment used by the 6 Phoenix Hazardous Material Teams, assisting with continued education classes for the Hazmat and Technical Rescue technicians in Phoenix and surrounding agencies, managing the helicopter rescue program by continued training of rescue Crew Chiefs, ground crews, and coordination with the Phoenix Police Department rescue pilots.                                       

Jeff was a member of the FEMA team, Arizona Task Force 1 (AZTF-1) beginning in 1995, and was responsible for maintaining the hazardous materials cache and equipment, along with training and continuing education of current hazmat members. In addition, Jeff was an appointed member of the Hazardous Materials Workgroup for FEMA, and along with other members from around the country, worked to keep consistency for the teams in relation to, training, procedures, & equipment. In his time with FEMA he has been on deployments to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics, 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City, and the devastating hurricanes of 2005 in southern U.S. (Katrina/Rita). 

Jeff is also the author of the book “Hazmat Response; A Field Operations Guide” which gives 1st responders and Hazmat Technicians critical information for working a hazardous materials incident. The book is currently in its 2nd Edition. In his spare time, he likes to ride his mountain or road bike, hike the many trails and canyons in AZ, and ride his motorcycle across the country.