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Performance Design, Helping your Department Fulfill its Mission

A communities’ needs as they relate to public safety are what we call the Thumbprint. An appreciation of the Thumbprint is the first step in having a complete understanding of a departments mission. The ability to comprehend what training opportunities are available as a derivative of the departments’ mission in the foundation of proper station design.

Training will help Fire Department personnel preparedness and support them in their mission and to handle the mental and physical rigors of the profession. What can we do to help make firefighters safe, healthy and more effective in the communities they service? How can we implement training features into station design that will help increase training opportunities? What are the options that are available to us to explore alternate and creative funding sources? In short, how can we help Fire Departments do more with less?

--Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the importance of Training as it relates to Preparedness. Thoughtful Station Design can improve Health, Safety, Situational Awareness and Team Dynamics.

2. Understanding the importance of Preparedness as it relates to Health and Safety, including sleep deprivation and PTSD.

3. Departments must acknowledge that PTSD and depression are increasing and designing facilities that can help address exposure to mental and physical stress is an important part of the process. A crew member who is well trained will have the confidence in his or her abilities which will help to reduce stress.

Dean Sparaco

Dean leads PACT’s Public Safety Design practice out of our Denver office. He is a nationally renowned thought leader on Public Safety Design and frequent guest speaker on the topic of Health and Wellness in the Fire and Police Service. He has a passion for sustainable design and construction that is reflected in the body of work that he has carefully crafted over the last 25 years. Dean has extensive experience in Public Safety, Health Care/Senior Living, Multi Family, Town Planning and Urban Design and has studied under, worked with and learned from some world renowned planners, authors and architects. This employment history has afforded Dean with extensive Design, Administration and Construction Management experience on a wide variety of projects.

Dean is a life long Fly Fisherman and outdoorsman. A former college athlete, two of Dean’s children have followed suit and play at the collegiate level. Dean is heavily involved in youth sports, coaching Football and Baseball.

An admitted Bibliophile, Dean has the largest collection of romance novels west of the Mississippi